Our Approach

Why Choose Star?

There so many choices are available when it comes to your transmission and auto repair, why come to Star Transmissions?

Here’s the question, is Honesty, Quality and Dependability important to you?  Then the only answer is, come meet us and let us assist you with your automotive needs.

At Star transmissions, 80-85% of our customers have come to us through a referral or are repeat customers and their families.  Allow us to show you why they come back and refer their friends and family.

Find out why our formula works. Competitive prices, personalized service it’s a combination that is unrivaled.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

About Star Transmissions

Star Transmissions is an independently owned transmission shop  serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1972. Under the new ownership we will continue building a loyal following of both retail and wholesale customers earning a reputation of trust in our community.

We are steadfast to serving our customers fairly and honestly. We keep our overhead low, with no franchise fees, huge advertising campaigns or commissioned salespeople. Then we reinvest those savings into replacing all the critical components in your transmission with quality parts. That way, Star Transmissions can ensure trouble free performance for many years to come.

At Star although we specialize in Rebuilt Transmissions and Transmission repairs for all Makes and Models, we also offer expert service and repair of nearly every drive component between the engine and the wheels of your vehicle. This includes differentials and transfer cases (4WD, AWD).


About the Owner:

Anthony began in the automotive field in 1979 working as a mechanic and diagnostic technician.  Since then, he has actively engaged and continued his education in relevant industry technical changes and troubleshooting.  Dedicated to the quality of work he delivers and applying his 30 plus years of experience he remains committed to accurate, safe and dependable repairs for all his clients.

His extensive knowledge in transmissions from the 50's to current models, the situations he has faced and education acquired have taught him a great deal.  A quote he has come to know became central to his thinking in the transmission business as a mechanic, a manager and an owner. "The long way is the short way, in the long run. Take your time, do it right and do it once”.   Today this still influences how he runs the business, what he expects from his staff of expert technicians, and ultimately why Star Transmissions delivers excellence in service and quality in repairs.



Our Story